ELTRADE is a company established 20 years ago.

We offer the best solution for those who seek residential, industrial or commercial property along the Bulgarian Black sea coast or in the beautiful mountains.

We are your estate agent if you are buying or selling property or if you are renting or letting out property. We prepare all kinds of necessary documents and cooperate in the furnishing of your estate.

We could be your authorized representative in Bulgaria who will declare your real estates and will pay the taxes according to Local Taxes Law. We offer you as well management of your private properties.

Our team of professionals will make the best selection of Bulgarian properties for you and you will receive excellent servicing.

Eltrade works with team of highly qualified lawyers and notaries which guarantees you safety in each deal and protection of your rights and interests.

Eltrade provides consultancy help in concluding of real estate deals.

Eltrade prepares property appraisals and co operates in receiving change in your property status.

Eltrade makes researches in the real estate market. Using the information of our database we make conclusions about the tendencies in the real estate market development.

Eltrade helps you to make the best investment.